Libra Law Group has built up the professional lawyers, Professors of Law, faculty member, consultants and administrative employees with experience. Our working languages are English, French and Persian. We are confident that our solutions are achieved economically, efficiently as well as in the spirit and with the respect of law. The accuracy, efficiency, traditional values, professional ethics, trust, honesty and security are Libra’s working criteria


Our staff respects the value of time, money and above all the customer himself. And understands that they deal with very sensitive information and cases; and pledges to work with the same degree of confidentiality and privacy


These are what we call our Values

We believe that the client’s best interest should always come first, and that Libra Law Group work should always provide added value

Hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our client’s needs precisely and completely, and encourage self-assessment and build on constructive criticism

Delivering high quality services and being one-step ahead and strive to be the best in all circumstances and at all times

Libra Law Group staff understands that it deals with very sensitive information and cases, so we do pledge to work with the same degree of confidentiality and privacy




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